hello everyone!! my names Shyam and im from singapore. I go by the nick Curly coz of my Curly hair. Im a warbird fan and ive got abt 10 hours of flight time in piper warriors. I haven started collecting aviation prints as i don't have enough wallspace atm. I'm mainly a toy collector and i do hope to own my own corsair or me262 in the future. I was introduced to this forum by one of the members( im not sure of his nick and im hoping he appears lol) . So yeah , its great to meet fellow enthusiasts and hope to get to know you guys better.
21/12/2006 16:17:08
Heya Shyam/Curly


   A big :welcome to eHangar.com!


   We both share the dream of owning a warbird one day - my choice is a Spitfire or Messerschmitt 109E, or both! 8-)


   Thanks for showing me your collection of Star Wars collectibles just now, and do come on over to my place next week so I can show you my aviation art collection, as well as my collection of memorabilia.


   Enjoy the site!


21/12/2006 16:37:36