Hi-New from Sunny Florida

New Member greetings & introductions
I have just joined the list and I am new to this whole forum thing. It IS a bit addictive (much to my wifes concern!) I have been an architectural illustrator for years and just lately started getting back into an old passion, Historic Aviation.


   I'll post some thumbnails of a few of my pieces once the administrator acknowledges the fact that I am trying to set up a gallery page.


   Have recently done some FW190 work and some PBY Catalinas and currently working an Armstrong Whitney.


   Thinking about trying the Cafe thing but would like some feedback before I either waste the time to set up the free account or the money on the Pro site. Can anyone tell me how well they did in that avenue or is it better to set up one's own site and run it that way?


   I've had some images up in a different online printhouse(it will go un-named) and had hundreds of hits and 0 sales. What kind of print sells best? Size? Other products?


   I know selling art is the hardest part, hence the starving artist thing!


   Any comments or suggestions?


   Thanks for your time


04/12/2006 16:05:30
Chris, welcome to eHangar.com! :D


   I have added you to the eHangar.com Aviation Artists Directory and you may now add your published aviation art work to the Aviation Art Directory using the Submit Art link.


   If you wish to post and share original art work, you can use the Artists Gallery or these forum pages.


   I'll leave others to comment on their experience with CafePress store, but would like to say that there is a good, albeit small for aviation art merchandise, besides just prints. If you have a good image of a particular aircraft, you can put that on a variety of items like mugs, calendars and T-shirts.


   Once again, welcome to eHangar.com!
04/12/2006 18:30:08
Thanks admin. Got the gallery set up and a few images dropped in. Go check em out and let me know what you think. Still doing a little tweaking here and there. That is the problem with digital....too easy to go back in and FUSS WITH IT!


05/12/2006 14:01:40