Newcomer from Serbia

New Member greetings & introductions
Hi to all! I am Srecko from Srbia and I have join here yesterday. In this moment I have a problem to submit my art as well I can see my name in the artist drop down list but when this get solved I hope that you will see me and my art style. I work in Adobe Photoshop and 2D is my favorire method.
04/12/2006 13:34:04
Welcome Srecko, I caught your post over at the Aerodrome... glad you found your way over here. :) Enjoy the site.
04/12/2006 18:18:01
Hi Sreiko, and welcome to!


   I have sent you an email regarding your listing information for including you in the Aviation Artists Directory. I shall create your free listing there as soon as I get the information needed.


   Welcome to our commnity and enjoy! :D
04/12/2006 18:32:59
Thank you all and be sure that you will be glad for know me and I am very glad that I met you here!!


   Cheers :P
04/12/2006 19:50:10