hornet takeoff01.mp4
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Hornet takeoff with full afterburner! Source: Unknown #hornet #takeoff #carrier #usnavy

Top Gun Maverick trailer02.mp4
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Top Gun Maverick Official Trailer! #TopGunMaverick

The smile of a stern-faced hero: Rare footage of WW2 fighter ace Douglas Bader walking with false legs shown for first time
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Bader, Britain’s best-known fighter ace, lost his legs in a pre-war flying accident and was invalided out of the Roya...

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A Chinese pilot used a helicopter to open four beer bottles mounted on poles in 5 minutes in a challenge TV show. The...

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Where do stowaways hide on planes?
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A suspected stowaway is thought to have fallen from a Heathrow-bound flight into a garden in south London.

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