eHangar - Aviation Social Network Reborn!
Publisher: Sunny Chow On Aug 6 , 18 05:23 PM

Finally, we are here, where the original vision of eHangar is matched by the technology! was started in 2003 with the original tagline "Everything Aviation Under One Roof". I had envisioned it to be a portal for all things av...

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Server Move Successful - eHangar is Online Again!
Publisher: Sunny Chow On Mar 14 , 18 03:13 PM

We have made a smooth transfer to our new server, which provides faster access and more storage space, and as you can see, eHangar is back online again! :) Currently, we are still on the same old WordPress platform, but soon, we will be convertin...

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Lady Lex Found After 76 Years!
Publisher: Sunny Chow On Mar 6 , 18 04:50 PM

The USS...

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Move to new server and platform soon :)
Publisher: Sunny Chow On Mar 4 , 18 10:05 AM

Dear eHangar members Over the next few days, will be going offline for a few days as we move to a new server, so please don't be alarmed if you cannot access the site later this week. The new server will be faster as it uses SSD (sol...

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Tan Kay Hai, amazing WW2 fighter pilot from Singapore
Publisher: Sunny Chow On Feb 14 , 18 02:22 PM

When stories are told or written of Allied WW2 pilots' exploits, most of the time, they are from Europe or the USA. There is one story that needs to be shared, of a brave Asian pilot from Singapore, who flew for the RAF against the Germans during...

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eHangar is back online again :)
Publisher: Sunny Chow On Jan 18 , 18 09:46 AM

Hi all, as you can see, we are happy to announce that is back online again, after being down for about 4-5 days. My apologies to everyone who tried to access the site, especially to visit or participate in our

1363 Views 0 Like V3 - The Social Network
Publisher: Sunny Chow On Oct 31 , 17 11:42 PM

I'm excited to announce some major changes for in the very near future that will fulfill its original website vision! When I first started in 2003, the original concept was to make it a site for "everything aviation". As i...

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Wreckology - Pre-eHangar Site!
Publisher: Sunny Chow On Sep 6 , 17 08:16 PM

Before was born in 2003, I had created a few other...

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Down & Out by James Dietz
Publisher: Sunny Chow On Aug 25 , 17 01:32 PM


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Troy White Destroys Own Aviation Art Prints
Publisher: Sunny Chow On Jun 22 , 17 10:18 PM

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Soviet Steel Train Lost by Marii Chernev
Publisher: Sunny Chow On Oct 25 , 16 06:12 PM

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Me410 by Marii Chernev
Publisher: Sunny Chow On Oct 24 , 16 09:54 PM

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