Placing Ads in the Facebook eHangar aviation art group
Publisher: Sunnie Chow
Date: 2022-01-30T18:07:19+00:00

I run and maintain the largest aviation art group on Facebook, and indeed, in the world, with 28,000 members (as of Jan 31, 2022).

For Supporter, ProAnnual and ProPetuity members, I am providing an extra benefit of placing ads in the FB group, which is a captive audience comprising many aviation art collectors and enthusiasts.

For now, you can place up to two ads a month.

Please follow the steps and posting format outlined below:

  1. Join eHangar's FB aviation art group at
  2. Go to your product listed in eHangar's Marketplace or your Store, and click on the "Share" button and click on the FB icon
  3. A  Facebook pop-up dialog box will appear, as in the screenshot below

Select the option "Share in a Group"

4. In the Group field, type in "aviation art" and select the eHangar Aviation Art group, as shown below:



5. Type your ad description in the caption. At the end of it, place the following text on a separate line - "Ad placed by eHangar (your membership level)".

If you are a Supporter, the last line should read "Ad placed by eHangar Supporter member".

6. Click on "Post to Facebook"

Congratulations - you have posted your ad in the group!

Terms & Conditions:

  1. Ads placed in the FB group must be shared from your product listing on eHangar's Marketplace or Store. Any direct ads will be removed immediately.
  2. Ads must follow the posting format as stated, including the last line "Ad placed by eHangar (member level) member.
  3. Members are limited to placing 2 ads per month in the FB group.