V3 - The Social Network
Publisher: Sunnie Chow
Date: 2017-10-31T15:42:09+00:00

I'm excited to announce some major changes for in the very near future that will fulfill its original website vision! When I first started in 2003, the original concept was to make it a site for "everything aviation". As it was technically too challenging to make it so, I decided to focus on one area initially to establish the site, and that was aviation art. Even while grew over the years and became the foremost aviation art site in the world, I had always thought of ways to increase its membership base beyond aviation art enthusiasts, into the general aviation world. Today, we have the mature technology of social networking sites, and so I have decided to convert into the social network site for everything aviation. Yes, I know many aviation enthusiasts are already using Facebook, but I believe a social network site specifically for aviation has real potential. Who wants to wade through dozens of posts of babies, pets and birthday parties before you chance upon a photograph of a Spitfire or some other aircraft? What if every post was of an aviation nature, by people who are enthusiasts, collectors, pilots, crew, etc, from every sector of aviation, past, present and future? As a social networking site, I believe will finally be able to fulfill its original vision and mission to be "Everything Aviation Under One Roof". What do you think? Would you welcome the chance to be a part of a global aviation social network where everyone is of like mind and focus? Let me know what you think about these plans in the comments section below or in the eHangar forum.