eHangar - Aviation Social Network Reborn!
Publisher: Sunny Chow
Date: 2018-08-06T17:23:38+08:00

Finally, we are here, where the original vision of eHangar is matched by the technology! was started in 2003 with the original tagline "Everything Aviation Under One Roof". I had envisioned it to be a portal for all things aviation, where aviation enthusiasts all over the world could congregate and share everything to do with aviation.

Does this vision sound like a social networking site as we know it today?

Back in 2003, Facebook did not exist. It was launched a year later, and took many years to evolve into the social network as we know it today.

And because the technology did not exist then, I chose to focus on one area of aviation I was familiar with - Aviation Art. For many years, eHangar was the go-to website for all things aviation art for both artists and collectors.

As we tried to move up the technology curve to enable better content management and member interactions, we made a few technical blunders along the way, and our membership and participation levels suffered.

For eHangar, I guess I can say that Technology has finally caught up with the Vision. Ok, so the social network idea has been around now for awhile, and we have dabbled with other platforms before finally finding a good enough script, coupled with many months of testing, in order to get it right.

I am happy that we have finally arrived here, and the initial feedback has been quite positive.

We have many things planned for, but we need your participation, feedback and suggestions. A community site only grows as fast and as well as the members who are participating in it, so I encourage and ask everyone to chip in here.

Yes, for the moment, we are unashamedly copying Facebook in terms of features and usability, so most members will find the interface familiar. If you are already posting your aviation stuff on Facebook, I request that you post a copy on too. If you post aviation content unique to eHangar, that would be even better, and I and the community thank you in advance!

I am available to answer any question, respond to any feedback and constructive criticism. I look forward to engaging with all my old and new aviation friends here.

Everything Aviation Under One Roof