Aircraft wreck

September 6, 2017
by eHangar

Wreckology – Pre-eHangar Site!

Aircraft wreck MalaysiaBefore was born in 2003, I had created a few other aviation-related sites. Mind you, these were literally hand-coded, typing in raw HTML codes into a text editor, and thus were very basic in appearance and functionality. These old sites are long gone from the Internet, but one day I thought of a subsite I built before and dug into my old backups, and lo and behold, I found the original HTML files!

This subsite from my old site came about when a newspaper reported the finding of a wreck in a Malaysian forest. Aviation forums and netizens attempted to identify the wreck from the photos posted, and this subsite was my contribution to the effort. My armchair sleuthing helped to identify the wreck, which is why I have always been proud of this subsite which chronicled my efforts. Continue Reading →