Grumman F4F Wildcat - USS Lexington - rediscovered on 04 March 2018

March 6, 2018
by eHangar

Lady Lex Found After 76 Years!

USS Lexington (CV-2) circa 1931The USS Lexington aircraft carrier, which was sunk in 1942 at the Battle of the Coral Sea, has been found after 76 years!

The underwater search team was led by Microsoft co-founder Paul G Allen. Its research vessel, the R/V Petrel, found the wreckage on Sunday (04 Mar 2018) about 3,000m (two miles) below the surface and more than 500 miles (800km) off the eastern coast of Australia.

What’s amazing is that everything looks perfectly preserved. Initial images of the wreck and two of its aircraft – an Grumman F4F Wildcat and Douglas TBD Devastator – shows intact and vibrantly-coloured markings, almost as if they were sunk yesterday!

I’m excited to see if they will bring up (as they no doubt will) some of these rare aircraft and perhaps restore them to flying condition again. Imagine, a flying Devastator in original paintwork!

Douglas TBD Devastator - USS Lexington - rediscovered on 04 March 2018

Grumman F4F Wildcat - USS Lexington - rediscovered on 04 March 2018

Grumman F4F Wildcat - USS Lexington - rediscovered on 04 March 2018Aircraft wreck photos copyright Paul G Allen

January 26, 2015
by prositepremiumdemo
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Test post – Operation Chastise

Operation Chastise was the code name given to one of the most audacious air raids of World War Two.

When, on the night of 16/17 May, 1943, nineteen Lancasters with 133 men of the specially formed No. 617 Squadron took off from RAF Scampton, it was the culmination of months of training shrouded in secrecy. Their target – revealed to the crews only a short time before departure – were the mighty hydroelectric dams that lay in the heart of the Ruhr; the Mohne, Sorpe, Ennepe and Eder Dams.

Led by the mercurial Wing Commander Guy Gibson, already a veteran of over 170 bomber missions, the elite unit were under no illusions about the dangers of the attack. They would face night-fighter interception and heavy flak on the way to and from the target, and a barrage of ground fire as they ran in to drop their lethal cargo. To add to the danger they would need to fly, in complete darkness, at precisely 60 feet above the water to release the unique 10,000lb hydrostatic bombs designed by Barnes Wallis.

October 25, 2014
by Piotr Górka
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Seventh Circle Limited Edition Art Print by Piotr Górka


“Seventh Circle” describes the struggle P-51c Mustangs with German FW-190 on French skies.

It is a scene of D-day +2 when the Poles of 133 Fighter Wing

commanded by W / Cdr Stanislaw Skalski had some dramatic dogfigts with the enemy aircrafts. All fights were victorious for the lucky Poles.

Edition :  Signed and Numbereed Edition signed by artist and five former senior pilots of 133 Fighter Wing (Polish)
Type: Limited Edition Lithographic Print
Edition Size: 320
Print Size : 25 3/4″wide  20″high
Date of Issue : 1993
Issue Price: US249 UK£149
Edition Status : Available from Artist
Medium : Oil on canvas
Signatories: Wing Commander  STANISŁAW SKALSKI  VMiv VMv silver CV*** DSO DFC**

Flight Lieutenant  TADESZ GORA  VM CV*



Warrant Officer  JAN POMIETLARZ  VM CV


Jun 1944  Normandy Operation Overlord. Mustang Mk.IIIs of No.133 Wing (Polish) engaged   

    with FW-190s in a dogfigh. This unit was top score  in 2nd TAF in June 1944.

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August 15, 2014
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My quick status post

This is cool – I can now post Status Updates on my Pro Site page just like Facebook! 🙂