May 30, 2015
by eHangar

Mavis vs B-17

B17 vs Mavis

I just came across this interesting story of a Mavis Japanese flying boat dogfighting with a B-17 Flying Fortress.

The incident happened over the Solomon Islands on November 21, 1942. Two B-17s spotted the lone Mavis 150 miles south of Guadalcanal.

The aviation art depicting the action is from a cover of a book written by Lt. Cdr Hitsuji. The artist is Yoshiyuki Takani.

The bow gunner peering behind P. O. Kenzo Takahashi. He is indicating to the pilots of the Mavis to manoevre into a better position for the tail gunner to fire his 20mm gun at the chasing Flying Fort.

The Mavis was holed by 50 bullets, and two crewmen were seriously wounded but she returned home to her base safely.

Source of story: Mr Minoru Kamada


Kenzo Takahashi with Ron Werneth 2002

Photo source: Ron Werneth @

Kenzo Takahashi was a navigator on both the Imperial Japanese Navy’s Kawanishi H8K1 Emily and Mavis flying boats. He survived heavy combat sorties including Dutch Harbor and the Solomons.

August 12, 2014
by Jamesbaldwinaviationart
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‘Whaam!’ Limited Edition Print… Spitfire/FW190

spitfire for print

303 Sqdn Spitfire MkIX
This drawing was completed after reading the combat report of Flt Sgt Chudek. This was his second FW190 of the day (probably from JG26)

Each print of this run of 100 only, is signed and numbered and sized at 18″ x 12″ and is available for £40 plus p & p.. See my online store on here for details.

As a footnote. The original of this drawing is available, so please contact me for details.

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