A Luftwaffe Bomber Pilot Remembers: World War 2 from the Cockpit (Schiffer Military History)


A Luftwaffe Bomber Pilot Remembers is a bomber pilot’s story from his early life prior to the ascension of the Nazi Party to power in Germany, his education and rise through the ranks of the Luftwaffe as a decorated bomber pilot, and even through his demotion at the hands of Goring late in the war. Also covered are Haeberlen’s tribulations in a prisoner of war camp run by the Allies, and his success in post war Germany as a businessman. This book offers a unique first person perspective on the development of the war and its effect on those that were not in the highest realms of power.

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  1. Not pretty, but interesting all the same Up until I read this book, I regarded Günter Koschorrek’s BLOOD RED SNOW and Hans-Ulrich Rudel’s STUKA PILOT as the most emotionally honest of all the war-memiors written by Germans following World War II. Having just finished Klaus Häberlen’s A LUFTWAFFE BOMBER PILOT REMEMBERS, I believe I have found a new contender for that particular crown. This is a book written by a proud, stubborn, extremely blunt-spoken man with a specific agenda, and that agenda is not merely to recount past…

  2. Somewhat disapointed I really wanted to like this book. A war diary from a Luftwaffe bomber pilot is something that is quite rare, given that many such titles are readily available for the fighter pilots of the luftwaffe.The book is poorly organized, jumping forward from time to time. Not very exciting given the fact that the author has flown more than 300 combat missions in the Ju-88.If you are looking for a fast paced, exciting war account, you will be sadly disapointed. Some light is shed…

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