- Forum: Collecting Aviation Art Simple:Press Version 5.5.10 Peter on Canvas prints - Back Catalogue Collecting Aviation Art Hi folks. I know this has been discussed before, and it may be old hat, but I visited Nic Trudgian's website today and I was saddened to see that canvas reproductions are now being rolled out against his back catalogue.

I know many people on here love these, but I'm still in the old school about the morality of this.

It was interested to pick a comment from the website "We produce canvas giclees of Nicolas Trudgian's artwork to the highest standards. They are the same size as the original painting and when viewed and hung on walls it is very difficult to distinguish them from the real thing!"

On the basis of that statement, I do wonder why anyone would still want to pay thousands to own an original knowing that many other people are displaying something that could be mistaken for it ? It surely must devalue the original also. 

I'd never have an issue owning an original that had a print run against it, as prints are a totally different concept with the signature/s, borders and titles etc. The original would still be a 'one off' in its own right, but I'm not sure I feel the same way with these canvas reproductions.

I'm not having a pop at Nic as I still think he is a great artist, but I do notice that Mark Postlethwaite actually states on his website, that no other reproductions will ever be made available in the future against his works.


Wed, 12 Aug 2015 10:44:20 +0000
fuzzy on Favorite Battle of Britain prints Collecting Aviation Art I thought it would be nice to bring this thread back, given that the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Britain is upon us.

A while ago, I sent off some of my Battle of Britain/Spitfire/Hurricane prints to the UK for some signatures.  I chose prints that were published without signatures, since it would make them unique and add a lot of interest for me.  Sadly, I was not able to go, but a good friend took care of the signing for me.  I'm happy to say that the signing proceeds went to the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust.

The first batch was signed by:

Tom Neil, Terence Kane, Ken Wilkinson, Stan Clark, Nigel Rose & Len Daniel


"Harvest 1940" by Gerald Coulson (This print came from Australia with the signature of Ian Bayles)


"The Battle of Britain" by Frank Wootton (I added the signature of Gunther Rall during one of his visits to the National Air & Space Museum)


"Scramble" by Gerald Couslon


"The Way To Heaven" by Mark Postlethwaite (This print came with the signature of a 303 Squadron pilot)


"Last Man In" by Alec Macdonald


"A Moment's Peace" by Craig Kodera


"Scramble", "Combat" and "Return" by Keith Woodcock (small prints)


"One Off Smartly" by Frank Wootton (a post-BoB Spitfire print)

The photo above is not very good.  Here's a better photo of the image, which is a great one.


"Spitfire on the Prowl" by Stan Stokes (a post-BoB Spitfire print)


"Portrait of a Thoroughbred" by Gerald Couslon (a post-BoB Spitfire print)


"Troubleshooters" by Gerald Couslon (a post-BoB Spitfire print)


"Top Cover" by Frank Wootton (a post-BoB Spitfire print)


The second batch was signed by:

Tom Neil, Stan Clark, Terence Kane, Tony Pickering, Ken Wilkinson


"Angels Three Zero" by Robert Taylor (already signed by Bobby Oxspring)


"Looking For Trouble 1939-1940" by Frank Wootton


"From Dawn To Dusk" by Philip West (already signed by Bob Large)

Sat, 27 Jun 2015 02:39:10 +0000
fuzzy on More Taylor Giclees.. Collecting Aviation Art Yes - a nice frame on anything - canvas, print, original - really sets it off.  Most any image will look so much better once framed.  It's transformative when you place that frame over top of it!

Fri, 26 Jun 2015 20:56:01 +0000
DC on More Taylor Giclees.. Collecting Aviation Art

fuzzy said
In general, the more recent MG canvases I have seen have been better than their first few.  That being said, I recommend actually getting a look at one before buying, because you can't be sure until you see it.

I share DC's assessment that "Moral Support" and "Return of the Few" were a step down from the prints.

On the other hand, I thought "Channel Dash" and "JG-52" were very good.

Interestingly, Gene Eisenberg had a canvas of "Phantom Strike" right next to the original.  That's not really a fair comparison, is it?  Of course, sitting next to the original, the canvas came up short.  Perhaps the canvas by itself would look pretty good, but next to the original, no contest!

I received my Giclee Canvas of Phantom Strike today. I have to say that I am very pleased with it.

The Phantoms seem to becoming right out of the picture, it is truely one of Taylors best. The small pictures I had seen of it ,in the Taylor books,  do not do it justice. 

I have a Giclee Canvas of Phantom Fury close to it , and I have aways thought it the better of the 2 images. However, now they are in the same format, I can see Phantom Strike is a clear winner. Phantom Fury is still a great image, but Phantom Strike just has so much more fine detail.

That original must be something to see. 

If there is one thing I have learnt about Canvas prints, it is that they must be framed. The difference a frame makes just has to be seen to be believed. 

Mon, 15 Jun 2015 19:40:27 +0000
DC on Anthony Saunders Longest Summer 75th Anniversary Battle of Britain Collecting Aviation Art I dare not tred that road for fear of where it may lead......sorry dear we can't aford to go on holiday this year...... do you like my new painting.......whats want the house and half my pension.

Mon, 15 Jun 2015 17:45:29 +0000
fuzzy on Anthony Saunders Longest Summer 75th Anniversary Battle of Britain Collecting Aviation Art DC,

Nick's just an email away.  You should definitely contact him about painting a Defiant for you.  Keep us up to date on how it goes!

Mon, 15 Jun 2015 01:10:56 +0000
DC on Anthony Saunders Longest Summer 75th Anniversary Battle of Britain Collecting Aviation Art I don't agree that a Defiant print will not sell.

One done in the Style of Robert Taylor or Trudgian or Saunders would have a lot more impact. 

The Do17 recently raised from the seabed also has a Defient connection.

I think a picture showing the Defient in combat during the Battle Of Britain would sell.

I wonder how much it would cost to commissioin  Nick Trudgian to do one ?

Sun, 14 Jun 2015 19:54:47 +0000
Peter on Anthony Saunders Longest Summer 75th Anniversary Battle of Britain Collecting Aviation Art DC, it wont sell. People moan about the constant flow of Spits, Lancasters, Mossies etc, but no-one actually buys anything else !

I recently took the plunge and with Steve Heyen's permission I have published a few prints of his Fairey Battle painting that I originally commissioned. They are on my website, on Ebay and I've taken them to Militaria fairs and I've yet to sell one.

Any future print I publish will be a Spitfire, Lancaster or Mossie !

I had a Trevor Lay print of Defiant's in action against ME109's. They are still available at the publisher I think. But it took me around 2 years to sell it and that was at less than my cost price. Hence, I will not be buying another.


Sun, 14 Jun 2015 00:02:59 +0000
Peter on Collecting Aviation Art: A dying market? Collecting Aviation Art I've never got into the canvas prints. I'd still rather spend my limited funds on a multi-signed or Remarque print.

I've seen one or two canvas and yes the colour and quality is great, but veteran signed prints are what started me collecting, and its that touch of authenticity, that it has been signed by someone involved that tugs at my strings.

I do find it sad that there are many older prints still available from stock. Coulson's Op Jericho with 18 signatures ! Still readily available. Taylors Eagles On The Channel Front - A great image. The Malta George Cross editions to name just a few.

Does this show how the interest in AV art has waned over the years, or could it be that they were and still are, priced too high for the average collector when you look at the RRP ?

DC, I think it would be sad if not criminal, if some of these fabulous prints were destroyed just for the signatures.

I once asked a dealer if he had any Jericho signatures available for matting with a watercolour I had on the raid. No was the answer, but I could buy Coulson's print with its 18 signatures and cut them out ! I was horrified that this was the attitude of one of the biggest dealers out there ! I have to admit, when they bring out these special editions with about 20 matted signatures I do wonder were they have really come from ?


Sat, 13 Jun 2015 23:53:52 +0000
fuzzy on harley copic Collecting Aviation Art I don't think you've posted a pic of the painting.  A good pic - showing the color and detail - would help people let you know what they think of the painting.  A few extra close-ups would be nice too.  If it's up to Harley's usual high standards, I'd expect there to be some interest.  I'm interested!

Sat, 13 Jun 2015 19:47:12 +0000
fuzzy on Collecting Aviation Art: A dying market? Collecting Aviation Art It will be interesting to see if canvas prints will increase in value.  I think a few can.  

In order for that to happen, here is what is needed.  First it must be a great image.  Second, it must be a great reproduction.  I've seen some canvases that don't look all that great, and I can't imagine collectors seeking those out.  Third, it will have to be a truly limited edition.  The GW canvas of Into The Teeth Of The Tiger was an edition of 200, and that is way too many.

An example of the kind of canvas I have in mind is Gil Cohen's Rosie's Crew.  A spectacular image, large at 40 inches wide, a beautiful reproduction with the added feature of artist applied brush strokes, and a very limited edition of 20.  Any B-17 fan would love it.

I have recently seen RT's Channel Dash at secondary market price on a dealer's website.

Sat, 13 Jun 2015 18:48:07 +0000
fuzzy on 2015 Releases Collecting Aviation Art Thunder in the Ardennes is very well-done.  Anthony Saunders has done some great releases over the years.

RT's Israeli Phantom is still in the pipeline, but it has to come out at some point.

I would also expect something Battle of Britain related from RT.  

Sat, 13 Jun 2015 18:30:11 +0000
fuzzy on Anthony Saunders Longest Summer 75th Anniversary Battle of Britain Collecting Aviation Art DC,

While it does not feature the Defiant, Simon Smith's print of Walter Oseau's Bf-109 does have some nicely done Defiants in it.  That's one of the reasons I like it so much.


Sat, 13 Jun 2015 18:20:34 +0000
aussiecollector on 2015 Releases Collecting Aviation Art Hello

I really like Anthony Saunders' new print 'Thunder in the Ardennes' but I am expecting a load of prints to be released this year with the anniversaries and I can't afford them all! Does anyone have any inside info on what to expect in the pipeline for the rest of the year?

What do you think of Thunder in the Ardennes?

Sat, 13 Jun 2015 03:57:01 +0000
DC on Anthony Saunders Longest Summer 75th Anniversary Battle of Britain Collecting Aviation Art I would like to see someone do a good painting of the Bolton Pault Defiant in action, during the BoB. It is long overdue and we are already well stocked for Spitfires and Hurricanes.

Fri, 12 Jun 2015 20:33:55 +0000