September 16, 2015
by eHangar

Unwanted Pop-up Ads on eHangar

Two eHangar members sent me messages to report they have been experiencing pop-up ads while browsing I have also been experiencing this myself. Has anyone else seen pop-up ads while on the site?

At any rate, I have been investigating why this has been happening and I have narrowed the cause down to one or more site plug-ins I have installed. Plug-ins add extra functionality to the site. While most plug-ins “play” nice, there may be some developers who have inserted certain code to create these unwanted pop-up ads to try to earn some money.

One member told me he was concerned these pop-up ads may be malicious and introduce viruses into a user’s device (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone), but I have examined these pop-up ads and found that they are just that – advertisements for various services – and should not cause any problem even if you accidentally clicked on them.

Nonetheless, I find them annoying and intrusive and a total turn-off experience, especially as its MY website and totally unauthorised by me!

To get rid of these ads, I have disabled ALL plugins on eHangar and found that the pop-ups have disappeared, which prove to me that indeed, the culprit is a plugin or plugins. However, I do not know which plugin exactly.

I am now slowly activating back some of the essential plugins, like the contact form and Facebook linking plugins, and testing and checking each time if the pop-up ads reappear.

This is likely to take some time and you may notice some things are not working on the site as per normal, and I ask you for your patience and understanding.

I also ask members to help and cooperate with me to report if you are still experiencing pop-up ads or anything unusual when you are on eHangar. Better still, please take a screenshot of the ad or unusual messages, if any, and post them up here in the forum so that I am aware of them and can take steps accordingly to investigate and eliminate these unwanted “additions” to eHangar.

Thank you all for your feedback, as always.

eHangar Auctions banner

August 27, 2015
by eHangar

eHangar AUCTIONS site is LIVE!

eHangar Auctions banner

I am very pleased to announce that eHangar’s Auctions site is now LIVE!

You can list your items for auction for FREE.

If and when your item sells, you only need to share 5% of the final sale price with eHangar. These proceeds will help to maintain eHangar’s main site and Classifieds and Auctions sites too, which require a fair amount of cash each year to operate.

Granted, our auction site is not quite eBay, but our eHangar audience is a very targeted group of aviation enthusiasts in general, and aviation art collectors in particular!

So if you have an aviation art print or original that you would like to sell, why not list it on eHangar Auctions? Someone out there somewhere may just be looking for that same print or painting!

Give it a go and soon it will be going once, going twice and…. Sold!

June 5, 2015
by eHangar

New Forum Ranks Proposal

Knights Cross with Golden Swords, Oak leaves & DiamondsI would like to implement a forum ranks system to acknowledge and recognise regular posters and contributors to our forum. I invite suggestions and ideas from members on how best to do this.

Ranks will be based on number of posts made or a points system based on activity, such as starting a new topic will get more points than responding to a topic.

The other question is how best to represent these ranks in terms of name and icon or badge.

We can use ranks of the RAF, USAAF or Luftwaffe.

For example, RAF: Flying Officer, Pilot Officer, Flight Lieutenant, Squadron Leader, Wing Commander, Group Captain, etc

For icons, we can use the rank badges or sleeve bands, or medals.

What do you members think?

Militaria Collecting

February 22, 2015
by eHangar

New Forum section on Collecting Militaria opened!

We have opened a new section in the Forum to discuss collecting militaria for all the armed forces.

This is something I have wanted to do for some time, as I believe that many members who collect aviation art also collect some sort of militaria.

MilitariaI know there are a number of other forum sites specialising in militaria specifically, and we are not trying to compete with them; but as an extra outlet for our members here to share their own militaria collections on I hope for some good participation among members here 🙂

Please let me know your feedback by responding to this post either in the comments section of this blog entry or in the forum discussion thread.