October 31, 2017
by eHangar

eHangar.com V3 – The Social Network

I’m excited to announce some major changes for eHangar.com in the very near future that will fulfill its original website vision!

When I first started eHangar.com in 2003, the original concept was to make it a site for “everything aviation”. As it was technically too challenging to make it so, I decided to focus on one area initially to establish the site, and that was aviation art.

Even while eHangar.com grew over the years and became the foremost aviation art site in the world, I had always thought of ways to increase its membership base beyond aviation art enthusiasts, into the general aviation world.

Today, we have the mature technology of social networking sites, and so I have decided to convert eHangar.com into the social network site for everything aviation. Yes, I know many aviation enthusiasts are already using Facebook, but I believe a social network site specifically for aviation has real potential.

Who wants to wade through dozens of posts of babies, pets and birthday parties before you chance upon a photograph of a Spitfire or some other aircraft? What if every post was of an aviation nature, by people who are enthusiasts, collectors, pilots, crew, etc, from every sector of aviation, past, present and future?

As a social networking site, I believe eHangar.com will finally be able to fulfill its original vision and mission to be “Everything Aviation Under One Roof”.

What do you think? Would you welcome the chance to be a part of a global aviation social network where everyone is of like mind and focus? Let me know what you think about these plans in the comments section below or in the eHangar forum.

September 15, 2016
by eHangar

We’re BACK! Everything looks normal (I hope…!)

We’ve just completed the move to a new server. Its been a nail-biting few days because the IT tech guy I hired did not do the job properlycensoredbrooding, and so I had to do it all by myself, with a bit of guesswork here and there, and much uploading and deleting of files and databases.seestars

It looks like the migration has gone well, with only the latest posts of the past few days missing, I think, including my post announcing the site will be down.

For the members’ whose recent posts might not have been backed up and restored properly, I apologise and request that you make the posts again.whistle

Thanks everyone for your patience and accommodation. I hope this new server will serve the site well and quickly too. pilotfly

As always, please post in the feedback section if you spot anything amiss or have suggestions to improve the site, our community.teach



August 24, 2016
by eHangar

Homepage looks weird? Don’t worry, we’re redecorating!

If you checked into the site and thought the homepage looks weird and suspect it may have been hacked into and defaced, don’t worry – I’m just playing around with some new themes to see which is the best to use to showcase the forum posts.

In fact, I have been looking at dozens of pre-designed themes but none seem to suit the site’s specifications, and so I have invested in a software to design and build my own custom theme!

While I’m learning this new software and trying out the various features, I will be switching back and forth between the test theme and the regular ‘safe’ theme.

One of the challenges is that nowadays, more and more people are using tablets and smart phones to access the site, and so the theme needs to be able to fit and display properly on many different types of screens.

Thank you for your patience! ūüôā


September 16, 2015
by eHangar

Unwanted Pop-up Ads on eHangar

Two eHangar members sent me messages to report they have been experiencing pop-up ads while browsing eHangar.com. I have also been experiencing this myself. Has anyone else seen pop-up ads while on the site?

At any rate, I have been investigating why this has been happening and I have narrowed the cause¬†down to one or more site plug-ins I have installed. Plug-ins add extra functionality to the site. While most plug-ins “play” nice, there may be some developers who have inserted certain code to create these unwanted pop-up ads to try to earn some money.

One member told me he was concerned these pop-up ads may be malicious and introduce viruses into a user’s device (computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone), but I have examined these pop-up ads and found that they are just that – advertisements for various services – and should not cause any problem even if you accidentally clicked on them.

Nonetheless, I find them annoying and intrusive and a total turn-off experience, especially as its MY website and totally unauthorised by me!

To get rid of these ads, I have disabled ALL plugins on eHangar and found that the pop-ups have disappeared, which prove to me that indeed, the culprit is a plugin or plugins. However, I do not know which plugin exactly.

I am now slowly activating back some of the essential plugins, like the contact form and Facebook linking plugins, and testing and checking each time if the pop-up ads reappear.

This is likely to take some time and you may notice some things are not working on the site as per normal, and I ask you for your patience and understanding.

I also ask members to help and cooperate with me to report if you are still experiencing pop-up ads or anything unusual when you are on eHangar. Better still, please take a screenshot of the ad or unusual messages, if any, and post them up here in the forum so that I am aware of them and can take steps accordingly to investigate and eliminate these unwanted “additions” to eHangar.

Thank you all for your feedback, as always.