June 22, 2017
by eHangar

Troy White Destroys Own Aviation Art Prints

Troy White destroys his aviation art printsHere’s something you don’t often see – an aviation artist destroying his own limited edition print copies.

Troy White posted videos and photos on his Facebook fan page of him cutting up stacks of his old limited edition prints with a circular saw, much to the dismay of many people, who registered their surprise, shock and dismay on his posts.

Troy wrote that he was preparing to move from Uruguay back to his native Australia, and he wasn’t planning to bring back his unsold prints, as they have “crossed the Pacific twice and that’s enough”. He will be cutting up almost all of my his 12 signed and numbered limited edition print runs–around 3,000 of them. However, he will be donating a box of prints to a local church charity.

Not everyone decried the act, however. Long-time eHangar.com member and noted aviation art collector, Kurt Kuberek, said it was “the smartest thing” he would see today. “If you gave the unsold prints away, as some suggest, it would not be very good for your customers who paid for one of your prints. He added that he hoped more publishers follow Troy’s lead, for destroying print editions that are unlikely to ever sell out.

June 19, 2014
by test123
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New Spitfire print from Mark Postlethwaite

mpspitfiredawnMark Postlethwaite has released a stunning new print. Titled Spitfire Dawn, it features Supermarine Spitfire Mk I’s taking off from an airfield during the Battle of Britain.

Its a nice evocative print of this enigmatic fighter and I think this print will do well among collectors of aviation art.

Mark has worked in a subtle tribute to “The Few” in the individual letter codes on the aircraft fuselages. Neat touch, Mark! 😉